Bubala, Soho

A review of another “Levantine” restaurant here and it’s no surprise.  Often labelled as the “Ottolenghi effect”, London’s love affair with Middle Eastern food has transformed our relationship with vegetables.  Boiling to eternity is thankfully out; (whole) roasting, charring and grilling has come to the forefront – not to mention dips, spices, tahini and all … Continue reading Bubala, Soho


We’ve come to define Middle Eastern – or Levantine – cooking in a generic way.  Encompassing a range of regions, the term overlooks the region’s diversity.  Franco-Palestinian chef Fadi Kattan proudly rejects this and is much more specific.  Describing the food at his renowned restaurant in Bethlehem – Fawda, Arabic for “chaos” – as “modern … Continue reading Akub


“Farang” translates as “foreigner”.  Though perhaps consciously branding as a foreign interpretation of Thai cuisine, a taste of the food here certainy feels authentic – whatever that means.  Farang is home to head chef Seb Holmes.  Originally opened in February 2017, Farang set up as a pop-up that planned to be around for at least … Continue reading Farang

Koya City

Located in the metaverse-like Bloomberg Arcade, Koya is undoubtedly the top choice for udon in the Square Mile.  Designed by Foster & Partner, the Arcade has become something of a food oasis – home to Lina Stores, Brigadiers, Caravan and Ekte.  And Koya is no exception to that list.  Whilst most Japanese noodle bars in … Continue reading Koya City