Nue Ground

Trying out “Nue Ground” in what has become the “new normal” seems apt.  Particularly given the ethos of this place, located on Clapham Old Town’s neighbourhood street of Abbeville Road.  Appropriate for the “new normal” (whatever that is), at its core is sustainability, ethical sourcing and healthy, fresh produce, without compromising on taste and at … Continue reading Nue Ground

Farmer’s Mistress

Farmer's Mistress describes itself as "naturally naughty".  Sitting on Battersea High Street, this new eatery encapsulates the clean-eating stereotype.  Every dish is refined sugar-free and unsurprisingly they cater to any millennial-afflicted gluten-free, dairy-free, whatever-free diet.  Its founder Joanna Gascoigne, a "qualified health coach", wanted to create something indulgent but healthy, or in her words, "to … Continue reading Farmer’s Mistress

The Providores and Tapa Room

In celebration of the start of a New Year, my companions and I organised a Sunday brunch to mark the occasion. And where better than what is one of London’s finest brunch spot: The Providores and Tapa Room, the sister restaurant to Kopapa. The restaurant is known for its weekend brunches, which means people are … Continue reading The Providores and Tapa Room


Gail’s, probably my favourite café, is an artisan bakery scattered throughout London and closest for me, in charming Dulwich Village. Walking past the piles of cakes and pastries at the coffee-shop entrance to the restaurant requires heroic amounts of self-control. Although it’s usually my go-to coffee jaunt as they serve absolutely top-notch Bonsoy lattes made … Continue reading Gail’s


For a catch-up with a friend in Wimbledon I chose coffee hot-spot, Brew, in the heart of Wimbledon Village. The Evening Standard rates Brew as one of London’s best independent coffee shops (, noting that promise of a glossy (Allpress) flat white should be enough to get you here. And this is coffee which you … Continue reading Brew


From the outside, M1lk looks like a work-in-progress, with the name splashed in neon pink paint across the old “Almas” signature. Yet, nestled in this unassuming corner between Bedford Hill and Hildreth Street Market, is one of London’s finest brunch spots. And for me, its South London location – just a stone’s throw away from … Continue reading M1lk