About me


Welcome to Yumtini, a journal of my adventures across the foodscape of London and beyond. Covering cafés and restaurants (Eating out), coffee hot-spots (What’s brewing?), food escapes (Travel) and food that I cook (Eating in), this blog is a creative outlet in which I can share the things I enjoy in life: food, photography, London and travel. As I work in the City, I also recommend grab-and-go lunch spots, as well as recipes for quick bites you can rustle up yourself.

As I’m vegetarian – and have always been – these blog posts are “vege-centric” and there hasn’t been a more exciting time to have a veggie diet in the capital. Whether you’re eating in or out, everyone seems to be celebrating vegetables in all their varied and vibrant forms, taking innovative approaches to put the vegetable centre-stage. As vegetables are seasonal, the abundance of flavours, colours and textures is endless, as are the infinites ways in which they can be combined with different grains, legumes, lentils, nuts, seeds and fruits – the list goes on. Whether they’re short and fat, long and lean, dark or gloriously bright, vegetables are no longer just a supporting act but are stars of the menu in their own right.

I’m also passionate about the history of food and its material culture. Yumtini’s Musings explore this further, with posts ranging from the use of forks and spoons, to paintings and the photography of food – on which I even wrote my dissertation on in my final year at University!


“Yumtini” signifies both my love of yummy things and one of my favourite cocktails: a tropical lemongrass and ginger Tom Yumtini I relished when staying at the Metropolitan in Bangkok. I enjoy eating foods (and drinks!) from across the world, as well as experimenting in the kitchen to create new fusion flavours. As someone once told me, variety is the spice of life (and vice versa).

Yumtini also reflects how taste is one of life’s greatest pleasures; sometimes we should make time to enjoy and be grateful for these everyday delights.


For me, good food is natural and nourishing, but assembled in the most delicious, or should I say yummy, way. Whilst I enjoy unprocessed wholefoods, at the end of the day, we should eat what we love, whether we’re eating in or eating out. For me, experimenting with fruits and vegetables to create a tapestry of flavours and textures is the essence of yum(tini).


I also enjoy eating a variety of foods, from everyday inexpensive bites, street food and casual comfort bowls through to high-end dining, and everything in-between. London’s food scene is continually evolving and it’s exciting to try out newly opened ventures. A section of this blog is therefore dedicated towards providing you with my thoughts on just-opened eateries.

I hope you enjoy these posts and a browse of my instagram. If you have any comments, please drop me a note below.

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