Since brunch at Kopapa is supposedly one of London’s hottest brunch spots, I had high expectations for this New Zealand café and restaurant, home to one of the most innovative fusion chefs, Peter Gordon who has devised an exciting menu in the heart of Covent Garden’s Seven Dials.

Meaning “a gathering, to be crowded, and a building to store food in”, Kopapa was very busy on this Saturday morning. Although we hadn’t booked, my companion and I secured two bar seats. Bar seats (a la Bocca di Lupo) are my favourite seats in the house, offering the best views of both fellow diners and the bar itself – the Spirulina, banana and apple smoothie (£5.50), the greenest concoction I have ever seen, was a joy to watch being made.

We were totally spoilt for choice by their brunch menu, full of energising and hearty options. Even their Porridge, served with soy milk and blueberry compote (£5.90), tempted us. Given my love for Shakshuka (poached eggs served in a spicy sauce of tomatoes, chilli, peppers and onions), I had their ‘Turkish eggs’ from Changa restaurant in Istanbul (£9.50). I’m still unclear as to whether the eggs are actually imported especially over, but the poached eggs were perfectly oozing and were served beneath a generous dollop of whipped yoghurt (an ingenious idea), hot chilli butter and two slices of sourdough. Yoghurt and eggs is a concept I’ve never even considered before, but it is a fantastic combination of textures.

After much deliberation about whether to order the porridge or eggs, my companion opted for Scrambled eggs on sourdough (£6.80). Her choice didn’t disappoint – she described it as the best scrambled eggs she’d ever had. The coffee was equally high-spec.

This is an ideal centre-of-town hangout. The food is exciting and inventive, a perfect antidote to a day’s shopping in Covent Garden. And as typical of the best restaurants around town, Kopapa’s menu is ever-changing, tying in with the seasonality of produce and driven by creativity. I’ll be sure to return for a pre-theatre eclectic meal here at some point, or at the Providores and Tapa Room. Via a bungee jump of flavours and textures, Peter Gordon makes fusion food fun.

Kopapa Café and Restaurant, 32-34 Monmouth Street, Seven Dials, Covent Garden, London, WC2H 9HA

Website: http://kopapa.co.uk/home.php

Rating: ****


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