Nutritious, eclectic and delicious food, SHOT is my kind of go-to lunch spot. What’s more, it’s not too far from work on the calm backstreets of Bride Lane.


SHOT’s Scandinavian-style interior is eye opening: with Dutch tiles surrounding the space like a cocoon, it has a cleansing but avant-garde mood. It feels like a disco for/of healthy food (and smoothies…)! Designed by Architects Wilson Holloway, it’s clean, modernly bright white and positively electric – especially with its vibrant neon art, somewhat reminiscent of a club with bottled elixirs and edibles on offer.


This makes sense given its founder’s heritage. Surprisingly (and akin with Rawligion), founders Asad Naqvi and Rahil Malik were big players on London’s party scene prior to setting up SHOT. Having worked in the nightlife industry as Music Director and resident DJ at nightclubs such as The Box Soho, The Arts Club, Annabel’s and Tape London, Asad found the only way to keep active and stay fit through the late nights and early mornings was through a strict training regime and healthy eating. Rahil worked in Canary Wharf for 14 years without ever finding the convenience of genuinely healthy food options to match the pressures of his work schedule.  Teaming up with acclaimed and charismatic nutritionist, Alice Mackintosh, the SHOT concept was born. Having originally set out to qualify as a medical doctor, Alice’s understanding of the impacts of diet on health led her to pursue her career in nutrition instead. Using her knowledge she now advises on all aspects of nutrition at the Food Doctor clinic on Harley Street. Having witnessed the effects that a busy lifestyle can have on health, she has gained a reputation as the best consultant for those wanting no-nonsense regimes that are based on the most up-to-date scientific research.


SHOT aims to support the demands of hard working, highly-stressed professionals . Particularly impressive are their ten promises which lay out a roadmap to a healthier diet (see My favourites are “Natural sugars only” and “Good fats”. Here, it’s all about the cooking methods, which focus on steaming, grilling, stewing and even water-bath cooking. The menu is free from refined sugar, additives, flavourings, emulsifiers, colouring and preservatives, uses 85% raw ingredients.

Although uber healthy, their menu is not restrictive and doesn’t compromise on taste whatsoever. It’s difficult not to be tempted in by the tastings often on offer at the end of the road. Their Courgetti Noodle Salad, made from sweet potato and buckwheat noodles, spiralised courgettes, avocado, sesame seeds and a chilli lime maple dressing is particularly wholesome. As I was in the mood for birthday falafel, I went for the Baked Falafel Salad – a healthy twist on Pilpel across the road. This dish features sweet potato, kale and quinoa falafel, cauliflower rice taboulleh and a tahini mint yogurt. It was tasty, deliciously healthy and so moreish. Although not as generous in size as Pilpel, it’s far herbier and best of all, the falafel are baked.


I’m sure to become a regular at SHOT, if not for lunch, then for breakfast. I’m very tempted by their almond milk, dates, almond butter, coconut, coconut oil and maca smoothie and their Protein Pancakes. Either way, I’ll be getting my daily SHOT.


SHOT, 2323A Bride Lane, St. Paul’s, EC4Y 8DT


Rating: *****

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