Casa Morita

Mexican food is undoubtedly one of my favourite cuisines. From crunchy nachos (blue corn all the way) dipped in chunky guacamole and tostadas piled high with fresh greens and spicy beans, to soft-corn tacos and quesadillas oozing with melted cheese, good Mexican food is fun, messy and full of flavour. So returning to Brixton’s bustling Market Row, my companion and I decided not to queue and dine at our usual Franco Manco – despite it being the best pizza I’ve tasted in London – but to try out Casa Morita, a small, lively Mexican eatery.


Typically on a Friday night, Brixton Market was heaving with trendy South Londoners and those paying pilgrimage to South London. Luckily my companion and I only had to queue for about ten minutes for a table, much to our relief considering how cold it was out in Market Row on this unseasonal May evening. We were given a tiny table by the wall, sitting alongside green tomato tins and chipotle bottles that line the exposed brick walls. Although we were closely packed next to our adjacent diners, this added to the cosy atmosphere and gave me an excellent view of other diners’ dishes. For me, part of the fun of eating out is eyeing up other plates, which leads to the oh-so-inevitable question: is my choice better than theirs?!

Having eyed up so many good-looking foods, my companion and I decided to share dishes tapas style. To start, we enjoyed the Quesadilla with cheese, coriander and spring onions (£2.25). It didn’t disappoint: the mature cheddar was perfectly strong and lent a smoky flavour which is the essence of tasty Mexican food. We also shared a Tostada stacked with crunchy lettuce, tomatoes, sour cream and all three veges on offer (peppers, sweetcorn and beans) (£5.50). Given the weight of the ingredients stacked above it, the tostada didn’t have quite the crunch that you’d hope for.

For mains, meanwhile, we shared Enchiladas that were bathed in a green tomato sauce and served with mashed refried beans (£8.50). Disappointingly, this was lacklustre: whilst fragrant, the sauce made the enchiladas overly soggy and the dish probably could have done with a little more chilli.

Casa Morita’s staff were also a bit slow; I had to wait for my request for chilli sauce (and later the bill) to be registered. But, to be fair, it was a busy Friday evening and they were darting in and out, as some tables are located outside in the Market Row.

All in all, Casa Morita is recommended for it’s tasty food, affordable prices and buzzy ambience – the perfect setting to catch-up with a friend on a Friday evening. Plus, the added bonus of being situated in Brixton Market means you can always move on for drinks at the next-door SevenEleven,

Casa Morita, Unit 9, Market Row, London, SW9 8LB


Rating: ***

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