To eat: Psirri

To Lokali: A neo-retro bar-restaurant, this spot is hidden in a plant-filled, softly lit backyard in Psirri.  To Lokali is an all-day hangout. Its founders explain that the concept was to create a “local” home away from home.  The place comes alive in the evening, though, when Athenians kick back with G&Ts in the lush courtyard.  Inside, the charming interior murals were created by Greek illustrator The Rabbit Knows.  The food is also not to miss, with very strong vegan options including an Open Face Pie (essentially a pizza flatbread) with marinated courgette, tomato, parsley pesto and cashew cheese (€10).  Also beautifully instagrammable (and equally delicious) are the Stuffed Vine Leaves with rice, fennel, lemon and goat yogurt (optional) (€6) and the Stuffed Tomato with millet, parsley, onion, pine nuts and raisins (€8.50).  Both are the usual stuffed Greek vegetables, but ten times better and more inventive.  Throughout the menu there is a focus on local and seasonal ingredients, as well as classics with imaginative Greek touches.



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