Bon Vino

As the name suggests, Bon Vino is a spot to go to for wine.  Italian wine to be specific.  Set up by an Italian by the name of Alessandro, as the website reveals “wine and the making of it is in his blood”.  Born and raised in Frosinone, around 60km outside of Rome, his first memory of receiving a taste of wine was from his grandfather – another passionate winemaker.  After spending time in France, Alessandro opened his first shop in Dockhead in 2011.  Cultivating knowledge and expertise for a few years, he then opened a site on lovely Maltby Street in 2019, now managed by French wine sommelier, Rapahel.  Though originally serving only vino and aperitivo, the restaurant recognised the popularity of pizza and securing a Neapolitan pizza maestro, they now serve sourdough pizzas.  A winning formula.

Maltby Street by night is not to be overlooked.  Tucked away from tourist-crowded Borough Market and the newly developed Borough Yards, Maltby Street has always been a favourite by day.  And by night, the atmosphere feels relaxed and vibey.  Though further up the street is the popular wine spot 40 Maltby Street, Bon Vino is housed in two locations further down, one being the former Lasco warehouse.  With al fresco seating available in the summer, the setting is a lovely one.  Wine bottles double as vases, wooden tables are antique and the staff are most welcoming, keen to recommend wines to match each pizza. 

Bon Vino scour the country for its “most delicious, sustainable and innovative wines”. This evening, we were offered a glass of red sparkling wine to begin.  Sweet, light and refreshing, this is an ideal glass to enjoy on a long summer’s evening.  We also enjoyed a glass of sparkling white – sparkling wines seem to be a hit here.

As for the pizzas, the bases are made using organic flour with 36 hours of fermentation for the perfect base.  I went for a vegan Ortalana.  A white pizza, the sauce is made from aubergine cream and topped with sweet roasted peppers, summer courgettes, basil and EVOO.  The aubergine cream was a first for me – though a little bitter, it’s nice to see a solid vegan option on the menu.The crusts and bases were airy, elastic and puffy with a gentle char.  These were delicious dipped in a balsamic vinegar offer.

Bon Vino is an entocea worth coming to for both its wine and pizza, against an ideal backdrop.

Bon Vino, Ropewalk, London SE1 3PA


Rating: *****

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