Slow Burn

More vegetables, more nutrition, less waste”.  So the moto goes of Slow Burn, a vegetable-focused pop-up in Walthamstow.  Founded by Head Chef Chavdar Todorov, their goal is to champion vegetables, moving meat to the side.  With sustainability at the core of their kitchen philosophy, most dishes are veggie and vegan friendly, using fresh and seasonal ingredients to create nourishing dishes and slow-cooked feasts.  And these are dishes that will convert any meat-eater to the veggie side.

As mentioned, Slow Burn is a pop-up and an unusual location they have chosen to pop up in – a working denim factory!  The entrance to the restaurant is somewhat deceiving, nestled between a petrol station and some residential houses.  Inside, tables are dotted amongst various sewing paraphernalia, providing an immersive and totally unique dining experience. 

Foodwise, the menu is a vast selection of pioneering dishes in a tapas-like configuration.  From the small plates, we went for Crispy Brussel sprouts, aged balsamic glaze, puffed wild rice (£7).  The first sprouts of the season, their flavour and texture are going to be pretty difficult to beat over the coming months.  Caramelised and crispy, combined with the vegan smoked garlic aioli, these sprouts will get any diner and sprout-hater into the festive spirit.  Positively moreish, they’d be a great party food.

My companion also enjoyed the Cauliflower fritters (£8) – another example of snack food given a modern and playful twist, these would be pretty irresistible on any party platter.

From the larger plates, we shared the Purple sporuting broccoli, peanut and sweet chilli, whole grain mustard sauce and lemon (£14.50).  The combination of peanut and sweet chilli gives the dish a strong nod towards the East, testament to how the kitchen here showcases dishes from across the world with a playful twist.  As bright in colour as in flavour, these greens felt positively nourishing and uplifting, and the sauce is too good to leave – worth asking for a spoon to finish clean.

Though a staple in my kitchen, the star dish of the evening was probably the Smoked sweet potato, Jersualem artichoke “cream”, cavelo nero pesto and curry oil (£14).  Another seasonal dish, each wedge was a head-turner, balanced to perfection – both the charred finish of this incredibly sweet sweet potato and the duo of sauces.  The artichoke cream tasted wonderfully woody and Autumnal, whilst the pesto is proof that pesto is not limited to its basil variety and provides a sauce to so much more than pasta.  Making the most of the artichoke, the crisps to top gave the dish a welcome finish.

The dishes at Slow Burn are truly rich with flavour, likely to turn any keen meat-eater to the veggie-side.  Though Walthamstow may feel like too far out, it’s a very easy ride up on the Victoria line.  And Slow Burn’s dishes are absolutely worth the journey.

Slow Burn, 114b Blackhorse Ln, London E17 6AA


Rating: ****

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